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3 Tips To Help Your Senior Adjust To Assisted Living

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Losing your independence is never easy. But that's what plenty of senior citizens in this country face when they grow older. But if you have a loved one who needs some help getting by during their golden years, you should know that today's assisted living facilities are nothing like the stereotypical nursing homes of yesterday. Most assisted living facilities have modern amenities and work hard to make each guest feel happy and welcome. Still, it can be a hard adjustment. Here are 3 tips to help your senior adjust to their new reality in assisted living.

Maintain Some Independence

Clearly, your loved one would not be moving into assisted living if it was not necessary. But stop and consider if there is anything they can still handle on their own. Perhaps he or she has a favorite errand they like running every week? Even if it's just driving them to the post office once a month so they can mail out presents to the grandkids, it can help offering your loved one some sense of normalcy. If they always loved to cook, try planning a meal with your extended family every once in a while and let your senior take charge of the proceedings.

There's No Place Like Home

Many seniors balk at the idea of assisted living because they have a stereotypical image in their head of what a nursing home is like. While assisted living facilities are nothing like that, you can still take extra steps to help them feel at ease. Upon moving in, try and set up their new room with items from their old house. Most assisted living facilities will work with you if you want to bring in your own TV or other amenities. 

Encourage Them To Take Part In Group Activities

While you will certainly visit your loved one as often as possible, the times when they are alone can make them feel depressed. If possible, urge your loved one to take part in group activities or maybe even attend one or two with them. If your loved one can make a couple of friends at their new residence, this will go a long way towards making them feel more at ease when they don't have a visitor in the building.

Transitioning to assisted living can be difficult at first but if you make a concerted effort to make your loved one feel at home, you can help speed up the process. Decorate your loved one's room with things from their old house and if possible, encourage them to make a few friends who can help them cope with their new way of life. Contact a local assisted living facility like United Methodist Village for more information.


1 August 2016